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For my Bunny’s birthday, I scoured the web looking for a push pin map, to keep track of our travels. The problem was they were extremely expensive or they only shipped to the States, like this one from National Geographic.  So out of frustration, I decided to create my own, but it still cost about $65.

I had a groupon for a Giclee map from Swiftmaps ($26 including shipping), normally the map alone is $70. Then I purchased this bulletin board ($29.99) from Staples. And finished off with some spray on glue from Michael’s with one of those 40% coupons that they have every week ($5).  Put it all together, buy some push pins, and voila, you have yourself a push pin map!

Some things to note if you decide to copy the above: 

  • I don’t recommend the glue I used, as the map has already started peeling off the bulletin board.
  • The bulletin board and map I bought are both 24″ x 36″, so I had to trim off the sides of the map in order to fit the bulletin board.
  • I bought a Giclee map because they don’t fade and aren’t cheap looking like a paper map (however they are much more expensive)

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